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Tony Gravagno Nebula Research and Development [email protected] remove.please Nebula-Rn remove.please Nebula-Rn D.com/forum coherent anymore Dan, that's the most straightforward and coherent note we've seen from you in a long time. I was thinking about you when I was working on a couple of those pages.

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For base url do I need to put html after the web address? Could it be that the content of the webpages are not defined as HTML?

The first line of code on all the pages I want to search is: Any help would be much appreciated.

Or someone might create an empty page in the hope that someone else might populate it. If you have any insight into this at all then feel free to put something on that page. I think the best way to approach a wiki is not to look at it like a book that needs to be filled out, but for each individual to simply post a page on something they care about, and the book will fill itself out. The application data is also written to an O7 datawarehouse via a database link.

The site should be a better resource when people get over "I don't know what wiki means so I can't do anything". In the intermediate period data has to be written to the O7 datawarehouse db from the old O7 application db and also from the new O9 database.Available controls are listed in the following table.A control recall response from use elsewhere in paragraph/menu @(CLR) clear the screen @(BELL) sound the terminal alert (beep) @(TOF) issue a top of form (hard copy terminals) @(col,row) position prompt at given column and row on screen Multiple controls are permitted in an inline prompt, separated from each other by commas. If all my files are in a folder called html, should that go there? I just want it to search the entire site, so I didn't put anything for the basedir.It keeps telling me "No U2TC contact record found linked with your U2 ID" -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Jeff Schasny - Denver, Co, USA jschasny at gmail dot com ------------------------------------------------------------------------ _______________________________________________ U2-Users mailing list [hidden email] Martin Phillips Ladybridge Systems Ltd 17b Coldstream Lane, Hardingstone, Northampton, NN4 6DB 44-(0)1604-709200 _______________________________________________ U2-Users mailing list [hidden email] Exactly what I needed, thanks Martin.