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Those who still are not in my friends list in Facebook can join me there” – having sent out this message to my friends on Odnoklassniki and hoping to recruit all of them to Facebook I clicked the “delete my account” button (which was by the way much easier to find on Odnoklassniki website that it is on

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The Alexa website rankings are from various time periods.About Mzia Kupunia Print and radio journalist - before starting my studies at the Uv A I was working as a politics and conflicts reporter at Georgia's only English-language newspaper The Messenger, anchoring a talk-show at Tbilisi-based radio station GIPA.If a woman introduces herself as Sarah, call her Sarah, not Sally or Sadie.If she tells you that her name is Sarah Brown, address her as Ms.According to ratings, Odnoklassniki, which ranks number 7 in Russia, is the 3rd most popular website in Uzbekistan, 4th in Moldova and Armenia, 5th in Georgia and Kyrgyzstan and 10th in Kazakhstan.

In Alexa’s global rankings the Russian social networking site is in top 100, occupying 95th place according to the Alexa three-month world traffic ranking.

At the same time there are some Armenian social networks which take though smaller but certain part in the Armenian segment of the web.

There is no distinct assessment of the social networks’ traffic in Armenia, as there is no common adequate, open statistic system which would follow the traffic of the main sites.

As of December 2009 Badoo says it had broken the 50 million user mark globally, with 250,000 of those coming from Iran.

Pictured is the text that comes up when trying to access Badoo from inside Iran.

The website was launched on March 4, 2006 and is an analogue of the US website