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Many of us dream of time traveling, either to change our past or foresee our future especially when viewing life from a financial perspective.We generally ponder on our past financial decisions like, “Had I invested in ‘X’ stock five years back, I would have earned substantial returns by now.” However, the life insurance policyholders can stay delighted as they have the power to turn the clock back and change the start date of their policy to an earlier date.You may be able to pay voluntary contributions to fill any gaps depending on whether you’re eligible.

The police has not been involved so i have a strong case but i do not have any car insurance.

Anyone know where i could get insurance backdated to 2 months ago or any advice on what I could do?

This common practice in life insurance companies is known as ‘Backdating’.

Backdating means altering the start date of the life insurance policy to a timeline earlier than when the document was originally bought.

If this happens, don’t panic—your broker didn’t just turn into a con artist.

When it comes to life insurance, insurers will let you backdate a new policy a few days or even months, if by doing so you can get a lower premium.

Problem is someone has made a claim against my car through their car insurance.

The police has not been involved so i have a strong case but i do not have any car insurance. When i bought my car I did not get insurance as I dont have a license and have not been driving it.

For example, if a person who is going to be 40 years old after two months, applies for a life insurance policy at present; the insurer will consider his age as 41 years as per the norms.

In such a situation, if he backdates his policy to 6 months earlier, then he would be considered getting that policy at an age of 40.

Suppose you bought a policy on 5th August 2013 but end up realizing later; had you purchased the policy two months earlier, you could have got it at better premium rates. You can request your insurer to change the official start date to 4th June 2013.