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Dollar, dollar, paper chaser Get that money, yeah yeah...You get high fuck a bunch of girls And then cry on top of the world I hope you have the time of your life I hope I don't lose it tonight Bonehead p-ssy, got lots of juice Lopsided on the curb so I block the coupes Watch the dudes, man I'm stingy with my cutty cat diddy Did you ever really love me Stevie Purrrr, pull up in a burrrr Wrist on brrr, pussy on prrrrerrr I don't even break when I'm backing up I swerve on a n-gga if he actin' up I don' push more sixes then a play date Get money by the millions, f-ck a day rate n-gga Your bossed stuck swag Got 'em drooling like a new born babe The dollars in their eyes Got them blinded by a masquerade The boys always spending all their money on love The boys always spending all their money on love They wanna touch it Taste it, see it, feel it Bone it, own it, yeah yeah...Someone started posting the very explicit naked pictures on Twitter Wednesday night, and it appears as though the poster was trying to trick people into thinking that Nicki’s ex, Safaree Samuels, was responsible for sharing the intimate snapshots.According to , the nude photos were being posted under a Twitter handle that was very similar to Safaree’s.And it’s the first time the Wests have been spotted together since Easter. Hours after a horrific bomb exploded at Ariana Grande's concert in Manchester, 22 have been confirmed dead and The Islamic State terrorist group has claimed responsibility.

Details inside, including an outpouring of celebrity love and support for the victims...

He could not believe his ears when the 29-year-old appeared on ABC's Nightline show and described him as a drug addict and alcoholic who often threatened to kill her mother Nina, and once even burned down their house.

Nicki Minaj’s leaked nude photos probably won’t make her rumored future husband very happy.

Another source tells us that Tim nor Jennifer want to comment on the alleged rumors concerning Phaedra.

No word on how or why the rumors started about Phaedra and Tim, but it appears that there’s no truth to it.

Meek Mill is having all types of fun over in Dubai with his alleged girlfriend…plus possibly two more.