Chemist dating dating advice for blacks

Who understands chemistry of anything than a chemist, and whatever you understand you can handle.

If you aren't dating a chemist you are missing........ 43Disclaimer: Every Nairaland member is solely responsible for anything that he/she posts or uploads on Nairaland.

My friend and I had just seen a play and, like everyone else in the theater, I took out my phone as the curtain came down.

Should the fact that I don’t feel a strong sexual pull toward him on the first date mean anything?I’m a big proponent of physical chemistry in a relationship.The girl or boy who was oh so perfect on paper — wasn’t oh so perfect in person.It often makes me wonder: Is our lack of physical attraction, the way we are repelled by a person’s taste, our bodies’ way of protecting us against someone who — if we were to dare to get to know a little further — could be inherently bad for us?When we feel something instinctually, in the gut, in the heart — it’s a feeling that manifests in the body, not in the brain. We’ve all met the person who was perfect on paper, right? They see their lives taking shape the same way we always saw our lives taking shape. Their touch almost feels like an unwelcome, disturbing pinprick to the surface of the skin.

People who possess everything we claimed to have always wanted and desired. We feel uncomfortable, inexplicably short of breath and stifled in their arms. It’s not something we can control, and it doesn’t always make sense.

I think couples who don’t share strong chemistry may have additional problems during the ups and downs of a life together.

After 35 years of counseling couples, it has become clear to me that a strong physical bond helps two people want to fight through the problems between them.

Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Romance / 7 Important Reasons To Date A Chemist!! Very few make drugs, though they know how, that's why they are the only ones having party named after them(chemical party)..6.

(504 Views) 7 Important Things To Know Before You Have Sex / 7 Important Things You Should Know Before Marrying A Yoruba Girl / Seven Reasons Why You Should Date A Shy Or Introvert Girl (1) (2) (3) (4) MPORTANT REASONS TO DATE A CHEMIST1. Your date with a chemist will be on time, will pay attention to you, and will remember your likes and dislikes.2. You can expect a chemist to work at a relationship and not call it quits when problems arise.3. Chemists are smart, spontaneous, and adventurous due to its the importance of those qualities in their field.7.

I'd heard similar complaints from friends: potential dates who texted too much, too little; used too many emojis, didn’t seem to understand emojis at all; were too serious, used to many “lols” when they clearly were not .