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James Bond uncovered a similarly sinister establishment plot in after learning that a greasy-pole climbing government bureaucrat, known as C, played by Andrew Scott, was behind a global surveillance and intelligence network called Nine Eyes.

I'm fucking Matt Damon[MD:] She's fucking Matt Damon I'm sorry but it's true/I said I'm fucking Matt Damon[MD:] She's fucking Matt Damon! Cause I'm like talking about her breasts Hey Jim, don't take it bad / Remember all the good times we had / Like the time we went fishing, and we caught a bunch of fish, and you puked in the bucket of fish that we caught...[RAP:]Knock knock!

We were playing online Scrabble, I was fucking Matt Damon! [MD:] You flew like an idiot back and forth to do your show AND Regis & Kelly's show? :)On the bed / on the floor / on the towel by the door / in the tub / in the car/up against the mini-bar!

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It's absurd, an enigma I said yo, why'd you leave your country for battles? It's like a name gets offered, you snap 'em up like, "Deal" And then you're standing there, listening, to their crappy fucking spiel And you're staring 'em down like, "I crossed an ocean for this shit? " Trust me Sketch Menace, I know exactly how you feel Yo Organik, Sketch Menace?

Fuck me I'm top five in my country, he's top five out of us three You run a fucked league, it can't be fixed Fraggle If Organik wasn't your friend, he'd have it dismantled Matt Daley is your entire top tier, now I'm a bit baffled Cause even he got bored and walked out..HIS battle That's why at Meltdown some crazy dude brung his hammer Shot an audience member in the gut, stomach splattered They had to rush him from the event, to get some blood to transfer I know, right?

I mean I'm getting enraged I do a couple bad battles and you throw this shit in my face? Hell nah, you boxing with a psycho I'm back in that mentality that got me to the title So this uni-verses-me, this is university You wanna be well read, I leave you well red this ain't my first degree See I'm the sturdy beam that birthed the scene That Albertian beast that Wolverine The wild Mayan environment I thrive in it, survivalist It ain't to keep a fucking chain no more it's to breathe another day So you think you put me up against a beast?

I mean at one point I was gripping the chain but this is insane You got me feeling I'll take anything, man I'm Nicolas Cage But yo, if I drop from my top spot, now I'm stuck here with you You get that Sketch that beat Bender when I had something to prove So if I got nothing to lose then you watch me Jim Ross kick stomp him like a government mule So from the moment you left Heathrow you've had a swollen fucking ego He got the confidence of P. when he's rolling up to Beast Mode Just because you were named top 10 this year by T. Battle Blog Bitch I spent a year streak undisputed as the T. I'm Liam Neeson in The Grey So feel honored that I'm tearing through ya Parachuter with a pair of shooters, you in troubled waters I'm a barracuda Rivaling your idle threats, I'm from that wild west like Gary Cooper Witness this disciples death without a nine or Tec like Larry Hoover And run throughout Soul's household in that final stretch like Ferris Bueller See I wanted a name not some AIDS crawling disgraced Scot with a H problem This stray dog get a straight shot while he ain't watching like Trainspotting This lame's not in his lane watch this your train stop so get off pal Aims flawless, a trained marksman, JFK caught with the top down I ain't Caustic, don't play drama Wanna trade shots and get knocked out Til the only time that you ever hear of a "Great Scott" is from Doc Brown So you wanna play God this a seance, all you gather around me We'll have Toronto lighting candles during a Blackout like it's 2003 [Round 2: Soul] Yo, why'd you leave your country for battles?

Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, went rogue (very Bourne) after uncovering a top-secret defense program, Project Insight, which infiltrated every aspect of people’s lives.

“This isn’t freedom, this is fear,” he pronounced gravely.The bad guy is another dodgy CIA director, Robert Dewey (Tommy Lee Jones), who is in cahoots with a social media giant called Dream Team, founded by Aaron Kalloor (Riz Ahmed) with secret CIA cash.However, having struck a Faustian pact to provide government access to its customers’ data, Kalloor starts having second thoughts.“I’m done selling out our customers,” yells Kalloor. Aside from the fact that it’s all a bit silly and implausible, especially for a Bourne movie (not least when the CIA hard ass and the tech entrepreneur share a public platform to debate the issues), the arguments being rehearsed are very over-familiar.Back in 2014, built its story around the same debate and delivered something much fresher and punchier, earning praise, ironically, for it’s “Bourne-like” realism and hot-button newsworthiness.Let the animal out, like that Trojan ploy The second time?