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HTML is unwelcome on majordomo mailing lists, especially those mailing lists that provide a digest version. HTML belongs on web pages such as this; HTML is fine for private mail (between consenting parties) and HTML is acceptable on many web-based discussion boards. Here's some reference links about HTML in email: When AOL 7.0 sends a message in HTML, it sends it in "multipart/alternative", or in other words, it sends the message twice.

AOL sends the message once in HTML, with all the imbedded control characters ("tags"), and once in what AOL calls "text/plain".

- By XP-Man for Advanced Date Time Calculator Was diagnosed with a DVT and searched for a program to help me remember to get up and walk every so often. I think this is a great software to see what's going on, especially if you do something and forget, like move a file etc... - By gimpguy on for Windows Explorer Tracker A little promo for Tri Sun Software: Keymusic plays a tone for every keypress, so you make music as you type.

Event he 'didn't realize the magnitude of' The first daughter, who converted to Judaism prior to her 2009 marriage to Jared Kushner, was commended by 'hardened Israeli pundits' on Monday.

' Quiet moment' that's eliciting praise Former national security adviser Michael Flynn has invoked his Fifth Amendment right and refuses to testify in the Russia investigation for one particular reason.

Letter to Senate Intelligence Committee You're eager to cooperate with others today, even if it means you won't have time for your work.

But sidestepping your own responsibilities won't help anyone. Your friends want to know your secret; you're able to transform work into play, even if you're overbooked and behind schedule.

Version 6.0 allows plain text, but with a difficult series of commands the user must invoke with each message. Click here for my discussion of AOL V6.0 and the first release of AOL V7.0.

The first release of AOL V7.0 was a big relief, as it defaulted to plain text while allowing the user to select other modes.Thanks for a very cool item which helps to remind me of upcoming events such as a cousins wedding, birthdays, expiring contracts, etc...- By Patrick Ross (CA) for Date Time Counter I installed Advanced Recent Access today and it does show recently accessed files fairly quickly.The "Many mailing lists have installed a protective program called demime.Demime and others like it sanitize messages sent to mailing lists, removing "MIME" content such the HTML sent by the latest AOL 7.0.The direction suggested in this document largely relates to those software projects, but has strong implications for Slim Devices hardware and firmware as well.