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In Asian culture, skin-shade snobbery is rife, with the general consensus the browner you are, the less desirable.'Cultural clashes' A recent Muslim matrimonial event held in London offered a glimpse into the current climate.Signing up, creating a profile and checking out who else is on the site costs nothing, however if you'd like to contact others or reply to anything other than the first message a paying member sends you, you'll want to fork out the .99/month fee to make contact.…

Currently, Rihanna is busy working on her highly anticipated eighth studio album, and continues to heat up dating rumors with rapper Travis Scott.Not to mention making us all wonder what the definition of "not dating" really is.As awesome as that is, what happens when something goes wrong, and they aren’t your match at all?One of the biggest and most common problem that arises is lying.It can be successful and some do meet the man or woman of their dreams in their mother's living room over a nice cup of tea.

One website offers a drop-down menu of skin shades."Wheatish" appears to be one of the most common categories, with a choice of "wheatish", "wheatish medium" or "wheatish brown"."We've started to notice a few more Asian women marrying outside of their own cultures," says Sat Bhatti, partner in wedding planning company Occ Asian Z.Beginning with Brown's appearance on Rih's "Birthday Cake" remix, continuing through the 2012 [article id="1693377"]Video Music Awards[/article] and showing up very prominently on Rihanna's new [article id="1697202"]Unapologetic[/article] album (by now, you've certainly heard "Nobody's Business," right?Your Autoload settings have been updated to charge your account (200 tokens) when your wallet balance falls below 100 tokens.Read More If you're going to make this product work, you should be able to figure something out yourself, as you're the one who knows your product best.The question is not how you can get users for your app.Despite the claims, a source close to Brown explains to that Brown has no problem with whomever Rihanna chooses to date, noting that the duo have moved on with their lives since calling off their relationship two years ago.killed it tonight baby." Since that pic made headlines, the two have cooled things off slightly, but there's no denying the fact that while they might be saying they're not a couple, well, their Instagram accounts suggest otherwise.