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But with the Homecoming dance looming, everyone from the queen bee to the girl “most likely to” pushes Camy to hook them up with guys from the nerd herd.And then there's quarterback, A-lister—and former crush—Gavin Madison. but he’s talking now, begging her to pair the guys on the football team with girls from the Honor Roll.Nikki Maxwell is hoping her crush, Brandon Roberts, will ask her to the Halloween dance.

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First, there’s the awkwardness you feel when you hang around them. Everyone’s judgment gets a little messed up when they’re crushing. I’m guessing your teacher has a better idea that you’re uncomfortable.

And second, there’s the stress of what your classmates will think. I mean, your dad is being kind of oblivious if he thinks it should be MORE comfortable for you because you already know the teacher. Because she’s a teacher, she might understand how kids think and feel better than your average adult. Maybe it would help to get to know your teacher better.

Stung by an epic betrayal, Camy Cavanaugh relies on the sure things: her best friend, her job as peer tutor, and her safe spot on the sidelines of life.

But when she hacks into a secret, trash-talking website, it ignites a war between the sexes that won’t end until the whole school is turned upside down—and Camy’s world is turned inside out.But yikes, your dad dating a former teacher is definitely a special circumstance.It seems like there are two different things going on here.Her older daughter, Erin, helps with writing and her younger daughter, Nikki, helps with illustrations. Nikki does not fit in with the wealthy, designer clad students and spends most of her time alone writing in her diary.To make matters worse, she has a locker right next to the school's most popular girl, Mac Kenzie Hollister.But, maybe she’s crushing too hard on your dad to think straight too. Then you could stop thinking about her as “your teacher.” Right now, the idea of spending MORE time with her probably sounds like terrible advice. Maybe you two could hang out for an afternoon without your dad around.