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HTH Don't get me wrong, I did not mean any disrespect However, I believe this is an open forum and we can talk or ask what we feel like.

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Many people experience fears around sex, expressing anxiety about their sexual desires and concern about their abilities in the bedroom.

These feelings often leave us feeling unable to take the leap that is needed to start a relationship.

Oldhand knows more about life than you know about kleenex and a numb left hand.

Go on the internet and you'll just meet freaks and weirdoes.

Sexual problems are often extremely debilitating and damage our confidence and self-esteem.

It can be easy to ignore sexual problems, like porn addiction or erection problems, and hope that they go away.

We also found a cool colonial buckle, what looks like a cooper or bronze ring (can anyone verify if this is a ring- seems flimsy to be a ring), and an assortment of odds and ends like bullets, parts of spoons, and 12 or so more modern coins from the last 100 years, etc.

The first coin is a "medio" or half real cob of Philip V from the first half of the 18th century from South America and most likely the Potosi Mint.

Do different "vintages" have the string vs no string closure? The link to the picture of your Guerlain Chamade EDC bottle doesn't seem to be working. If you google Patou 1000 and select images you should be able to see some pictures that look like your bottle.