Liz bonnin dating A5Ue EFVKWed Nov 02 0000 2016RT @Thinktastic: Great night @St Andrews_Learn @univofstandrews Fantastic audience - now be the inspiration. From corporate events, awards ceremonies, conferences and dinners, Speak Out! For over 30 years we have been supplying talent to some of the biggest companies in the UK, Europe and beyond.Contact us now for a chat about your requirements, or fill in our enquiry form here.And right now, I am a…science and wildlife presenter with BBC [America] and I love it!

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Completing the D-list peloton is Hugo Taylor (I’m A Celebrity, Made In Chelsea), Lucy Mecklenburgh (Tumble, Towie) and Angellica Bell (71 Degrees North, Celeb Air).

For reasons I can’t get my head around, they’ve shoved this out in the 7pm Monday slot, while still having Hugo Taylor shout uncensored, in both episodes so far, and the continuity man’s flippant disclaimer of “mildly offensive language”.

I suppose this will be the last time I have it on - for a while at least.

Somewhere between Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin and Bill Nye the Science Guy is Liz Bonnin, wildlife presenter and host of the BBC America show Bang Goes the Theory, which explores fascinating areas of science live on camera. The best bit was driving the camper onto one of the many stunning beaches of the west coast after the parties, and waking up to the stunning sunrises. a ballerina, but as I grew up I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to be.

As humans we can fly to outer space, explore the depths of the ocean and talk to people on the other side of the world on tiny wireless computers; but when it comes to understanding something as everyday as sleep there’s still a lot we just don’t know. With some scientists starting to come up with new theories, a one-off BBC nature programme could not be timelier.

It’s a subject that science has really begun to look at. Sleepover At The Zoo is the UK’s biggest animal sleep experiment.

a bit of a nerd – I loved chemistry and biology and was perhaps a little too obsessed with taking perfect notes and having all my folders in order!

Ever since I was very small I used to stare at animals a lot, which I think must have worried my parents a little!

And animals vulnerable to predators will come up with incredible ways of protecting themselves while getting that essential shut-eye.

‘Traditionally scientists used to think that as humans were the most highly evolved species, they needed more sleep than other animals, but now they’re beginning to realise that animals sleep in different ways purely because of their environment,’ says Liz.

‘So a giraffe will only sleep for two hours at a time; it doesn’t mean it needs less sleep for cognitive purposes, it’s just that its environment dictates that if it sleeps for longer it might get munched by a predator.’The fact that some animals occasionally go to extreme measures to get their sleep shows that it’s vital for every creature in the natural world.