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In an analysis of MLB walkup and warm up songs provided by the league, Billboard discovered the all-star rapper is this season’s most common artist among the walkup tracks.

I need a little bit of heavy metal motivation to even think about hand-eye coordination, and this song is just the ticket.Metallica is a popular walk-up song pick, and lead singer James Hetfield told that that’s fine by them: “It’s been great.We love that it can inspire others to another level.” So next time you head to catch nine innings of America’s favorite pastime, now you know — that music playing when each player walks up to the plate really is their jam. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons via Flickr user SD Dirk , licensed under Creative Commons.Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.The two most popular cuts, “6 God” and “Energy,” are both from Drake’s latest project, the surprise album Notably, the Toronto native’s worldwide popularity didn’t quite transfer to his home team.

Shout out to Dalton Pompey of the Toronto Blue Jays, whose choice of “Know Yourself” gives the 6 God his sole spot on the Blue Jays’ roster.

Similarly, we felt compelled to Rickroll you right off the bat here.

Quite possibly the best moment to sit in an arena during a UFC show is when the lights drop and the crowd goes silent just before a bass thump hits the speakers and a fighter begins his or her walk to the Octagon.

Part of the fun of going to a baseball game is jamming out the music, mostly of which is played before each home at-bat.

What some people don’t realize is that those jams are specifically picked by the player, a way of hopefully pumping them up before they face a whizzing 96 mph fastball go past their face.

With Drake and Big Sean boasting top five standing, it’s hardly surprising their recent collaboration, “Blessings,” is the league’s most popular track.