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When many IPs are intermingled on an So C, and assigned to multiple power domains, validation of the signal interactions between these IPs is essential to ensuring correct and reliable behavior in the complete range of operating power states. These control how much power that IP uses in each state, and how much effort is required to change its operating state.A power domain is often thought of as a specific voltage value. Signal interaction validation was considered to be relatively simple when there were only one or two power domains in the design and very little interaction between design blocks.With the use of a bootable Knoppix Linux live CD, a scratch SCSI drive, an external USB hard drive, and an onsite technician, we were able to remotely recover all the data from the failed array.

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Unload all the drives and ensure no carts are loaded. To use the library again, set the VTL containers to read-write mode using the CLI command “vtl –set_rw”, after the filesystem comes back to read-write mode.

While not an immediate failure, stressing thin-oxide gates results in a failure over time and is a concern for long term reliability.

Designers must ensure that the correct level shifters, retention cells, and other design elements have been accurately placed for each of the different power domains.

A customer's RAID controller failed in a way that corrupted the on-disk array configuration, rendering the NTFS volumes unreadable even after replacing the failed controller hardware.

These volumes contained data of some importance, and we were asked to look into it before shipping the drives off to the expensive (but very good) data-recovery services such as Ontrack Data Recovery.

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