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” phone call in the middle of the night, or awkwardly wondering if you should delete all your dating apps. I’d say this is a reasonable relationship contract overall.Talk to me, feed me, show me physical affection and never, ever break up with me. Also, kudos to this kid for being so lenient as to let her new boyfriend “fist bump these hoes.” Though I wonder how he can fist bump the hoes if he can’t look at them?I still have doubts about whether this relationship contract found and tweeted by founder Max Linsky (@maxlinsky) today is real.

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Because that choice allows me to officially acknowledge it as the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.Also, it being real means it was created by the best 8th grader who’s ever existed.Surely he’d need to make eye contact to ensure that he’s not punching them in the chest, no?Is there a lawyer available to look over the holes in this contract?Directors re-affirm the policy of the IGHSAU to exclude males from high school and junior high female teams.” This action by the Iowa Girls’ High School Athletic Union Board of Directors, June 28, 2006.

A legal opinion on this subject can be found in the policies and regulations section on the IGHSAU website.

Students either wore college gear, red for unsure, or blue if … While our students were accepted to a great many different colleges, they have decided to attend the following 46 schools that are listed below. Some of you may have seen examples of senior project applied pieces at … As part of Rebecca Kearns’ Senior Project, she is hosting a softball clinic at the school on Wednesday, May 3rd, and she would like to invite any and all middle school and high school girls who are interested to come … “The Hawk” April 14, 2017 Dear IACS Community, In my Hawk letter last year at this time, I made the analogy of the school year being a marathon and I must say that the stretch between February and April vacation … Josie Lopez’s Senior Project has been featured in the Lowell Sun. Seniors are down to their last 30 days of classes and many are … This is an exciting, busy, and sometime stressful time of the year for all us at the high school. IACS students were able to tour MIT’s Haystack Observatory in Westford. Hinkle’s students had a great tour of the radio telescope.

The number in the right column indicates the number of IACS students that will be attending … Last night, 25 new students were inducted into the IACS Chapter of the National Honor Society. Make sure to purchase your ticket for the fundraiser and congratulate Josie! Congratulations to Emily Lyons and Holly Lee for being accepted to Art All-State 2017! Come to IACS on Saturday, April 29th from 10am to 4pm and pay a small fee to send your useless electronics off, and support our chapter of NHS at the same time! Seniors are down to their last 30 days of classes and many are still trying to decide on their plans for … Sixth and eighth grade students will be making their jury portfolio presentations this spring and we are looking for community members to sit in on the presentations. Congratulations to the HS Varsity cheer team, Coach Kyles & Coach Tupaj, as they came in 1st place at this weekends competition at Lowell HS- beating Bradford Christian Academy and Swampscott HS. The students also conducted a night-time lab at IACS this past Thursday night to use telescopes. Congratulations to Sarah Mayotte and Maria Frey for being selected as the seniors of the month for February. Our next 8 week session will be starting at the beginning of March.

If there were some sort of draft lottery for future VSB contributors and editors — and future mentors for my daughter — this kid (who I’m assuming is a girl) would be the first pick.

She’d be the Lebron James of future blogger/daughter mentor 8th graders. Not even a Wes Anderson joint, but something you might see as part of a museum exhibit before you head to the dinosaur section.

Regardless, I seriously wish I gave this to my boyfriend when I asked him to define our relationship.