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George Caleb Bingham was a Missouri artist and politician.During his lifetime, he was known as “the Missouri Artist.” Painting his most significant pieces between 18, Bingham produced many remarkable drawings, portraits, landscapes, and scenes of social and political life on the frontier.The following informational publications are available in Adobe Acrobat format.

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When George was seven, his father lost most of the family’s property to cover a friend’s debts.

Homeless, George left Virginia with his parents, five siblings, his grandfather Matthias Amend, and their slaves. At 2,341 miles in length, the Missouri River is one of the longest rivers in North America and a major waterway in the central United States.

Battles and skirmishes were fought throughout the country by Union and Confederate forces. George Caleb Bingham was born on March 20, 1811, in Augusta County, Virginia.

He was the second of seven children born to Henry Vest and Mary Amend Bingham.

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