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If you're both a Blackberry and a Twitter user, chances are you've come across a handy little program called Twitter Berry.

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His 8-year-old, Isabel, held a “Stop spending my allowance” sign and 5-year-old Kate raised a “Stay out of my piggy bank” one.“I don’t think anything is going to change overnight,” Lynch said. Huge fan, and really appreciate the coverage you have given to the Cincinnati Tea Party. Now.” #teaparty about 3 hours ago from Twitter Berry “My recommendation is that people look no further than the halls of Congress to find the stench of pork” #teaparty Thousands of people filled Fountain Square this afternoon for the Cincinnati Tea Party, a grassroots-effort designed to show their disapproval for bailouts and the massive federal stimulus plan.They need to remember that they work for us, and right now, we don’t approve,” said Lynch, of Colerain.“This is not a Democrat thing or a Republican thing.

It’s a government thing.” Lynch brought his children to the demonstration and hoped that one day, when they’re older, they’ll understand the importance of taking a stand.Welcome to the first installment of Nan the Power User.You’ll see me pop in from time to time with reviews, tips, tricks and ideas with a business twist.The latest version supports Twit Pic, which lets you share photos on Twitter.It also works with next-generation Black Berry handhelds like the Storm, the Bold 9000, and the Curve 8900, as well as all previous 8800s, Curves, Pearls, Flips, and even 8700, 7100, 7200, and 7520-series models dating back several years.(Photo credit: reader Melissa) (Photo credit: Troglobyte) (Photo credit: J. Binik-Thomas) The Cincinnati Tea Party organizers told us it was going to be big. Check out photos at Instapundit, including this aerial: What are you doing? “I’m frustrated with the way things are going in Congress.