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The constant use of social media is likely due to the fact that 71% of teens use more than one network site.

This mean there is a good chance your child is on social media, despite your awareness of it.

Given the concern over female body stereotypes and developing positive self-image, this is particularly worrisome.

See our article, “Social Media Age Requirements” for more information on this.

In a 2015 study, Pew Research Center reported that 92% of teens are on social media daily with 56% going on several times throughout the day and an astonishing 24% going on “almost constantly”.

It has the same touch based interface and operating system as the i Phone, but without the ability to access data anywhere, and as a result the i Pod Touch has less of the headaches associated with smartphone ownership.

I liked the Touch so much that I bought two of them, one for each of my boys; they really like them and it helped cure their itch for a smartphone.

In addition to great writeups on each service, there are links to each platform’s version, as well as helpful videos about each one.

Matthew Latkiewicz works at, creators of web-based customer support software.

Jam Kotenko’s article for Gotta Be is really great.

Had I found this first, I would have looked no further…but I found it last, which is why the other 2 are included.

Each one discusses a Group Video Chat App or Apps, that work on ios as well as what features the apps include, as of of March 2017.

For each article the title links to the main article itself and the author’s name appears right before the the first paragraph on the left.

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