Voice interface must be shutdown before updating configuration

For the SRE-300, the module’s interface name is interface ISM0/0, whereas for the SM-SRE-700 it is service-module sm2/0.

Both interfaces are Gigabit Ethernet, connected via each router’s internal bus.

It is also worth noting that this guide will walk you through using PV-GRUB.

As a result, users have a consistent and quality experience with battery charging.Users expect their device to charge whenever it is connected to the charger.This software release supports the per-VLAN spanning tree (PVST) and a maximum of 64 spanning-tree instances.If more VLANs are defined in the VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) than STP instances, you can enable STP on only 64 VLANs. If 64 instances of STP are already in use, you can disable STP on one of the VLANs and then enable it on the VLAN where you want it to run.As such, the hardware must always attempt to charge the battery whenever the device is connected to the charger regardless of the power state.

This expectation holds true across all of the power states including active (S0), Sleep (S3), Hibernate (S4), shutdown (S5), hard off (G2/G3) and S0 Idle.

Asterisk is an open-source telephone solution that runs over the Internet instead of running through copper lines.

It offers a variety of features such as voicemail and conference calling, much like a landline telephone can.

For example, the battery may charge at a slower rate when the system is completely off and connected to the charger and charge at a faster rate when the device is booted and ACPI firmware can be used to monitor the battery periodically.

Finally, a design may charge the battery at a lower rate when the system is in a thermal condition.

The only notable difference in the Call Manager Express configuration will be the module’s interface that connects to Call Manager Express.