Windows xp keep updating

This is essentially the same as the XP you are using but it is used in things like tills and point of sale (POS) equipment.Be warned that Microsoft is aware of and do not approve of the changes and could pull the plug at any time, but if you fancy giving it a whirl there are instructions on the betanews website at: RKq JA.The malware was able to spread thanks to flaws in old versions of Windows that were originally used by the NSA to hack into PCs before being made public by the Shadow Brokers group last month.

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UK hospitals, Telefonica, Fed Ex, and other businesses were hit by a massive ransomware attack on Friday.

Around 75,000 computers in 99 countries were affected by malware known as Wanna Cry, which encrypts a computer and demands a 0 ransom before unlocking it.

Windows XP lets you set Windows Update to automatically download the updates you need to keep your computer secure.

Running Windows Update ensures that your PC has the latest security patches and changes to XP, and it gives you the opportunity to install optional drivers and software.

While POSReady systems are very similar to Windows XP systems, it is recommended to back up the system before you make any changes as differences between the systems may result in issues after installing updates designed for it.

There will be no more routine security updates for consumer versions of XP and that includes XP Pro.

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However, support will still be available to paying business users and selected organisations, like the National Health, which until recently had almost a million PCs running XP.

The updates you are getting are probably virus signatures for Microsoft Security Essentials, which was also due to expire (for XP) in April but Microsoft has pledged to keep it updated until July next year.

There is another exception to the end of support rule: Windows Embedded Industry, formerly known as Windows Embedded POSReady, operating systems continue to receive updates.