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You differ on religious beliefs and celebration of holidays and you still wanna get married? What happens when your beliefs clash and she refuses to bend cos its against what she believes the bible teaches?

Forget the trashy talk about love, love is not a constant. What happens when she refuses to go to your church with you?

Recently, our church receptionist let me know about a Christian woman who was seeking advice regarding a situation where her grandson was planning to marry a Jehovah’s Witness.

Please that is not true, read 2peter and mattew 5:3,5.Please devote your time for spiritual things just the way you do for accademics, then no pastors will confuse u. I repeat no redeem pastors can stand me my I talk say about tithes or hell matters, they keep quiet Op, you guys are too different.You shall not live in a house with someone whom you are divorced from.You should accept the definition of apostates as defined by Jehovah’s Witnesses’ literature. You shall accept that apostate teachings are propaganda and that the one-sided view from is not.Below are some notes I jotted down for the letter I sent to her.

Point One: Marrying someone who is of a different faith is a very bad idea. Such penalties can vary from getting a caution to being outright dismissed from the religion. If one is cautioned, it may or may not affect her social or theocratic standing within her congregation.You shall not live in a house with someone of the opposite sex unless you are married to them.Time waiting, marriage jehovah on searching and then go communicate as document beliefs dating in your order confirmation email or login to the app using.Their married couple like falling into a pit despair and she unable. Therefore, one must recognize that the main rule of Jehovah’s Witnesses is to believe everything that is presented to them by their Governing Body, even if such beliefs were changed from past understanding, or even if such believes will change with future understanding. You should live with fellow Jehovah’s Witnesses only.